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March 5, 2016
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January 12, 2017
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A client bought a Toyota Camry back in 2011. Since then he never got a chance to shampoo it. At the time of purchase, the car was in good condition for driving but it was not much clean from the inside. Over the next few years it got dirtier as children spilled juices and littered the car floor and seats. It was time to have the car shampoo. We suggested our client to go for a complete car wash but he ended up taking the interior shampoo. Here are the results.

Service done:

The client wanted to have the car to be washed and clean from inside. However, considering the state of the car interior from prolonged use, we recommended interior shampoo and odour treatment. Trusting our car cleaning service, he left us to choose the products for the vehicle service. We chose the Gold Package for the Toyota Camry as it required a lot of work on the back seats and car floor.

Client’s response:

Our client was extremely happy with the service when he called up. He like the overall cleaning work done on the car and was satisfied with their customer service. We presented him a complimentary key-chain light and a pocket Swiss Army knife set. This is what he replied the next day via text message:

Thank you for taking good care of Camry on Thursday. I felt good driving in clean car from inside. Great work.

Our client also gave us 5 star ratings add Google and Facebook reviews. It is always great to see our clients happy with our service and sending in great reviews. It was our pleasure to serve the Toyota Camry, reaching up to our customers expectations. It’s always time to shine with Shammy’s Auto.


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