Rust Proofing

Rust Proofing

Dripless Oil System
This advanced treatment will not drip, offering superior results by leaving the protection where it should be, on your vehicle. The dripless oil is applied with a high pressure system that is sprayed in all panels inside and out. The car is then hoisted and the spray is applied to the under body of the vehicle. Oiling your car also lubricates dry mechanisms which increases the performance and longevity of your vehicle parts.

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Black Asphalt Undercoating & Clear Upper Body Rust Protection
Our rust protection system lasts a lifetime and also acts as sound deadening for less road noise. This system dries solid making it far superior then other products.

Shammy’s Auto uses specially designed tools to apply the coating where your car and truck needs it most. We cover all hidden areas missed by other service providers. We make sure your vehicle is completely protected from rust and we back our work with Shammy’s guarantee.

We recommend that you inspect your vehicle every two years due to the weather conditions in Canada. At Shammy’s we provide three different types of Black Asphalt base undercoating such as:

  • Sym Tech
  • First Canadian
  • Protect Seal

Oil spray 120.00 for Cars
Oil spray 140.00 for trucks
Black Asphalt Undercoating Available

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