Desmond Pitter

Vintage Car
October 27, 2015
Business Insurance
January 15, 2016

I met Shammy in 2004. When I met Shammy he was the best cleaner in Pickering. I noticed when he does his vehicle (cleaned) it is so spotless that you don’t even want to sit in it. I have introduced Shammy to several people over the years and everyone gives me positive feedback what Shammy does. Not only the good feedback but they always bring a friend or two or sometime a whole family.

This kept Shammy so busy over the years and he have to keep up with all my friends who needs the (Auto Detailing) job done. He (Shammy) is very very immaculate and excellent guy.

I would like to recommend Shammy to all the (potential) customers that I meet, and everyone I meet who sees my car says who detailed your car? I say Shammy’s Auto. Shammy got the best crew of men working for him in the city.

Shammy; From me and the staff of Shammy Auto Detailing we would like to say thank you for being the supportive customer from last 10 years and we appreciate the business you have sent us and your friends from TTC, from the gym and we really appreciate your business and look forward serving you in the future. Thank you.

Desmond; Thank you Shammy, you are welcome.

(905) 831-2444